Medical Guardian

  • 24/7 monitoring assistance
  • Monitoring range - 350 ft
  • Battery life - 32 hours
  • In-home and Out-of-home systems
  • Works best with traditional land lines
  • No installation and activation fees
  • No long term contracts

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Medical Care Alert

  • "Whole house" 2-way system
  • Monitoring range - 1,000 ft
  • Battery life - 72 hours
  • EMT Certified Operators
  • Fall Detection System option available
  • No installation and activation fees
  • No long term contracts

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ADT Medical Alert System

  • Landline and cellular options are available
  • Monitoring range - 300-600 ft
  • Battery life - 12-20 hours
  • 4 monitoring centers in the U.S.
  • Optional services are available
  • No installation and activation fees
  • No long term contracts

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Medical Alert Systems - Best Companies

Senior care is something most people have to face at some point of their lives. Parents and grandparents require additional attention and care while work and other chores does not always make it possible to provide care in the measure it is needed. That is why many people choose medical alert systems as an alternative to other senior care options for various reasons.

While not all elderly people require specialized nursing assistance and others prefer to try and lead the life they are used to, a medical alert system can represent a brilliant and all the way compromising solution to both seniors and other family members.

Medical alert systems are now offered by a great number of companies; they also come with a variation of optional features. It is a question of finding the best suitable solution for every individual case.

When choosing a good and reliable system, it is essential to look at the offers. Good company offers reliable product with month-to-month payment options for families. They also provide waterproof devices as well as fall alert feature - as these are the major essentials when it comes to seniors.

Medical alert system is supposed to work perfectly in cases of emergency; that is why it is equally important that 24/7 monitoring and support were in place and that these promises were not only on paper.

A medical alert system can save a person's life and in this respect the choice of a system should be made with consideration. Here we offer three major systems that have gained reputation among customers due to their quality and experience. The systems represented have all major features like all-day monitoring, fall detection, best support and convenient subscription options. More information is available on the companies' websites.

For many seniors maintaining independence is essential; with a medical alert system your senior family members can live happily and you can rest assured that they are safe and sound.